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Korean Glass Skin Botox

If you are looking for a treatment to help you achieve smooth, flawless, glass-like skin, then book in for a Glass Skin Botox appointment today! 

What is Korean Glass Skin Botox?

The secret to beautiful skin does lie in its health, however, we do understand that achieving and maintaining skin in its peak condition is not easy.

It is no secret that Korea is known for the advancements and innovations in the aesthetic world and realm of skincare. Korean women are some of the biggest users of Botox in the world, with an estimated 42% of the female population aged between 21-55 as having had the treatment. However, one of the more recent uses of Botox in Korea has come to Harley Street, London, so, have you heard of Glass Skin Botox?

Are you looking for a treatment to help you achieve glowing, flawless skin? Then the Korean Glass Skin Botox treatment is for you.  Also known as “dermo toxin”, ‘micro tox’ or ‘meso tox’, this popular treatment in Korea is perfect for dealing with enlarged pores, fine lines, oily skin and achieving overall plumpness & smoothness!

The benefits of ‘Korean Glass Skin’ Botox include:

    • Smaller pores
    • Decreased sweating
    • Decreased sebum production 
    • Reduced fine lines
    • Reduced scars
    • Smoother skin
    • Glass-like skin effect

What does Glass Skin Botox do? How does it work?

Glass Skin Botox is perfectly formulated to target pores, creating an all-over smoothing effect on your skin! It is the perfect treatment to minimise the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting an even skin tone. Not only effective on existing small lines, but this treatment also serves as a preventive measure, ideal for individuals with oily skin by reducing excess oil production.

Not only is this treatment incredible for controlling oil production & minimising the appearance of pores, but it also works to control breakouts and acne-prone skin! Due to the fact that sweat and oil glands are targeted by this procedure, Skin Botox is a favourite in Korean to keep breakouts at bay. Pores are made smaller post-treatment, excess oil production is reduced, thus, there is reduction in breakouts & acne-skin! 

What’s even more,  we know that dealing with the persistent redness and sensitivity associated with rosacea can be incredibly frustrating. Skin Botox presents a potential enduring solution for individuals grappling with this condition. In fact, new research indicates that Skin Botox can be beneficial for addressing a variety of skin conditions, including rosacea! Despite the counterintuitive notion of injecting toxins into the skin, the neurotoxin in botox, known as botulinum toxin, disrupt’s the blood vessels’ dilation process. Consequently, this interference can contribute to diminishing the redness commonly associated with rosacea – how amazing is that!

What is the treatment process of Glass Skin Botox?

Glass Skin Botox is administered by carefully & purposefully inserting minuscule needles into the skin. This process establishes micro-channels facilitating the penetration of a highly diluted botulinum toxin into the dermal layer, which is combined with a skin-improving complex!  This method offers distinct advantages over conventional injection therapies, including enhanced absorption and a more precise targeting effect. Prior to the procedure, a local anaesthetic in the form of numbing cream can be applied to ensure additional comfort!

How many sessions of Korean Glass Skin Botox will I need?

For progressive, long-term results and to achieve healthy, smooth glass-like skin, we recommend a minimum of 3 treatments, done 4 weeks apart.

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How long will my results from Glass Skin Botox last?

A Skin Botox treatment requires no downtime and is often considered to result in an instant facelift with a glass-like skin finish! You may smart noticing improvements right after or within a few days post-treatment, with full results typically being visible within 1-2 weeks! 

Similar to Botox, this is not a very long-lasting treatment, so the results will last on average 2-3 months. To prolong the effects and enhance the results, we recommend for a personalised treatment plan to be created at the time of consultation! 


What is the difference between Glass Skin Botox & normal Botox?

Actually, glass skin botox is completely different than the type of Botox you may already by familiar with. Rather than injecting Botox deep into the facial muscles to smooth lines, which is the traditional use of the muscle-relaxing botox, smaller amounts are combined with a personalised blend of vitamins and nutrients. Skin Botox is used at a different concentration and is injected as micro droplets into the superficial layers of the skin. It’s not targeting the muscle but rather the skin itself. The two treatments can work really well together as a part of a revitalisation anti-ageing skin programme! 

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Skin Botox is, more or less, instant instant glass-skin! — no magical serums or long-winded routines needed. To achieve it in this injectable form, the same neurotoxic protein (aka Botulinum Toxin) is used, as in classic Botox procedures. However, we change up the needlework, if you will, for Skin Botox to target different parts of the face! 

The main goal of Korean Glass Skin Botox is to treat the ageing skin that has lost hydration and elasticity. In other words, the product is mainly used to create an “all-over smoothing effect” on a facial area by means of:

  • Tightening skin pores;
  • Increasing skin oil production;
  • Brightening skin tone;
  • Reducing the appearance of tiny skin creases;
  • Creating youthful skin glow

    & a lot more!