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Morpheus8 offers unparalleled collagen stimulation therapy by harnessing the body’s natural ability to regrow and repair the skin. Radiofrequency microneedling is an incredible treatment that promotes scarless healing and natural collagen reproduction.  

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 Skin Remodelling with radiofrequency is a minimally invasive, non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure that can treat a variety of skin concerns such as uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores and poor facial skin laxity. It is a one-of-a-kind treatment for those looking to finally give their skin the extra boost it deserves.  

Suitable for face and body, Morpheus8 is a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment that combines fractional micro-needling with Radio Frequency (RF) technology to rebuild skin from deep inside. The special device targets subdermal tissue at its lowest layers, enabling you to achieve a beautiful, natural outcome!

Using tiny microneedles to induce radiofrequency, this Morpheus8 treatment allows you to target:
  • Sagging skin  
  • Fine lines 
  • Wrinkles 
  • Acne scarring 
  • Large pores 
  • Stretch marks 
  • Uneven skin tones & textures
  • Photodamage 
  • Loose skin  
  • Cellulite 


This treatment is suitable for both face and body and can help you achieve healthier, younger-looking skin, no matter your skin type.  

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How does Morpheus8 work?

Following your no-obligation consultation, a tailored approach will be decided specifically for your skin type and goals for your Morpheus8 treatment. During the procedure, a tiny, multi-needle device will gently penetrate your skin and deliver radiofrequency deep into the dermal layers of your skin. Microneedling creates tiny pinpricks on the target area and stimulates the skin’s natural healing response. Collagen production is increased which plumps out the skin and smooths and tightens its surface. This results in a more even texture, fewer lumps and bumps, and a reduction in pore size. 

The RF heats at depths that provide cumulative and ongoing benefits of collagen stimulation, skin tightening and resurfacing.  

When this occurs, the skin is caused to constrict and tighten, as well as lead to collagen stimulation and elastin production. Due to the RF being delivered so deeply, it can product faster results that are more effective, with little to no downtime.  

A look into the treatment of Morpheus8 Skin Remodelling at Whyte Aesthetics.

How long does Morpheus8 take to work & how long does it last?​

You will be able to notice visible changes to the skin as soon as a week after your initial RF Microneedling treatment, however, since the skin is repairing itself, the results can last for a very long time. You may continue to see improvements to your skin for up to 6 months post your treatment. Although one sessions can often create immediate visible results, it is recommended that you have 3 sessions of RF Microneedling for the best results possible!  

If you are looking for a powerful rejuvenation treatment that produces exceptional results without significant downtime, Microneedling with RadioFrequency is the right treatment for you. This is safe and effective on the lower face, neck, hands, chest and more!  

What is the downtime for Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 sessions should have very little to no downtime associated with them, so you can go back to your everyday activities straight away! Some people may experience some redness and swelling but this should subside within a couple of hours post-treatment.  Our practitioners will advise you of aftercare following your Morpheus8 treatment. It is advised that you do not apply make-up until one to two days after treatment.

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Does Morpheus8 hurt?

Some very mild pain and/or discomfort can be experienced during your treatments, but most clients hardly feel anything. Any discomfort can be managed very well by the thorough application of anaesthetic cream at least 30 minutes prior to your procedure. 

Lots of people say that the cheeks are where there is the least discomfort, but bony areas of the face such as the forehead are a little more uncomfortable. 

How many Morpheus8 sessions will I need?

Although one session can often create immediate visible results, it is recommended that you have 3 sessions of RF Microneedling for the best results possible! 

The amount of Morpheus8 sessions you require will depend on your own goals and needs, as well as the size of the area being treated.  Most people typically require between three to six sessions. Your practitioner will advise you on the likely course of action during your initial, no-obligation consultation and will monitor your progress during ongoing free reviews.

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Am I suitable for Morpheus8?

Because Morpheus8 is minimally invasive and doesn’t cause significant damage to the skin, virtually anybody can safely undergo microneedling therapy. The main exclusion for this treatment would be a disease or condition that may cause problems post-treatment, or any active infections. However, this will be carefully discussed with you in your consultation, and again at the time of the treatment so you do not need to worry! 

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Microneedling procedures involve sticking tiny, sterile needles into the skin. Interestingly, your body produces more collagen and elastin as a response to the little injuries, which in turn helps your skin repair and makes you appear younger. 

Every client’s skin unique, and as such, results and time scales may vary. As a reference, after your first treatment, you should start to see improvements in skin texture and tone. However, it takes time for production of new collagen to form so it may take longer to see significant changes for acne scars and pores. After the completion of all sessions suggested by our professional team, an obvious improvement will start to show. 

The majority of our clients get their full benefits four to six weeks after the procedure has taken place. Your body will have plenty of time to create collagen and elastin and deliver it to the micro-wounds created. You will notice that you skin will appear both healthier and more youthful!