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Plasma Pen Therapy

Get rid of unwanted skin lesions, moles, skin tags and milia with the safe, non-invasive and effective Plasma Pen! This technology does not require the use of a scalpel or laser to remove excess skin, so no surrounding tissue will be damaged.

What is Plasma Pen treatment?

Plasma Pen therapy is a fast and effective way of removing any unwanted skin lesions, skin tags and moles, without damaging the healthy surrounding tissue. Interestingly, plasma energy is produced when ionised gas particles of oxygen and nitrogen create an arc between the tip (needle/probe) causing the lesion to burn, darken and fall off within a few days. This incredible treatment introduces an effective, safe and non-invasive way of removing skin lesions!

This treatment has the following benefits:
  • Removal of skin lesions, skin tags, moles, milia 
  • Fast recovery time
  • Quick procedure
  • No scarring

How does the Plasma Pen treatment work?

Skin lesions such as skin tags, milia, and moles can be easily and safely removed. Our plasma pen removes lesions by creating an ionised gas with equal amounts of negative and positive charged electrons when it hits the atmosphere. A gas created resulting in a small electrical arc removing lesions on impact. The procedure is relatively pain-free, and our practitioners will try to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. This technology does not require the use of a scalpel or laser to remove excess skin. Therefore, the Plasma Pan avoids most of the risk that is assumed when performing invasive procedures!

The RF heats at depths that provide cumulative and ongoing benefits of collagen stimulation, skin tightening and resurfacing.  

When this occurs, the skin is caused to constrict and tighten, as well as lead to collagen stimulation and elastin production. Due to the RF being delivered so deeply, it can product faster results that are more effective, with little to no downtime.  

When will I notice results with the Plasma Pen treatment?

The results will normally show between 3-10 days, due to the healing process, and you can enjoy your skin lesion-free skin forever!

How many sessions of Plasma Pen will I need?

All of our patients will have a follow-up a couple of week post-treatment and depending on the size and number of lesions removed, it may be necessary to have a second treatment to remove it completely!

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Is there any downtime with the Plasma Pen?

There is no downtime with the Plasma Pen treatment, the treated lesions will be immediately flattened, and a scab may form in its place. This will appear darker, but it will fall between 7-10 post-treatment. There is minimal risk of scarring, however, some of the deeper moles may leave faint discolouration once the mole has been removed, this can last up to a few weeks.

Are there any risks with the Plasma Pen treatment?

This method is very safe and performed by experienced, medical professionals. The risk of infection or consequent scarring is extremely minimal and nay potential risks will be discuss during your consultation so all your questions can be answered prior to the treatment.


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The Plasma Pen treatment is a non-invasive, safe treatment that can quickly and effectively remove any skin lesions you may have! There are no scalpels or other surgical instruments used so you can be sure the downtime is low and no scarring will evolve.

Before your treatment, you will have a consultation with one of our practitioners, but generally, our Plasma Pen treatment is suitable for both men and women wanting to remove any lesions. If there are any concerns, they will be addressed during your consultation!